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Integral Trainings

Our trainings are designed from an integral understanding. It is no longer just about imparting knowledge and changing behaviour, but about deeper, inner steps in the individual development of consciousness and potential in all their dimensions. In order to increase the effectiveness of our trainings, they are offered on different levels, depending on the target group. They can be booked both as open seminars and as in-house events. Inhouse, these offers can again be adapted exactly to the requirements and needs of the people in your organisation.

  • Innovations-Coaching Training (imu Basic Training): Seeing organizations in a new way and designing them more consciously (open training in Zurich from 16 June 2020 and at imu in Siebenbrunn from 9 July 2020)
  • Integral organisational development “intensive” online 2×3 hours or 2 days workshop (open training at imu in Siebenbrunn on  22/23 October 2020)
  • Integral Organizational Developer (open training, seminar language: german, at imu in Siebenbrunn, Start: 12. October 2020)
  • Integral coach – post-systemic, principle-based, precise and effective (open training, seminar language: german, at imu in Siebenbrunn, Start: 29. July 2020)

planned trainings:

  • weTransform – Integral Leadership Training (open training at imu in Siebenbrunn, new dates will be announced shortly)
  • Mindful Leadership Training
  • The Potential Unfolders – The Coaches of the Future Designers – Narmbased Ego-Development in an Organizational Context (open training at imu in Siebenbrunn, further information will follow shortly)

Michael Trestl, Head of Corporate Development, Edelweiss Air:

“The training combines well-founded concepts with practical application and impressively addresses the needs of the participants as individuals but also as a group. Thank you very much, it was a very special experience and I was able to extract a lot for myself.”


Innovation-Coaching Training: How to see organizations in a new way and shape them more consciously

Dates Module 1: 09-11 July 2020 Module 2: 28-30 September 2020 Module 3: 26-28 October 2020 Note: from 16 June 2020 the training will also start in Zurich Where imu augsburg, Siebenbrunner Str. [...]