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Thomas Strauß

Thomas Strauß

Managing partner, graduate economist, consultant, trainer, coach, researcher

Professional Focus:

  • Integral organisational development / Change and transformation / Cultural development
  • Purpose, vision and strategy development
  • Team development, communication, conflict resolution
  • Innovation coaching / creating change, development and innovation competence
  • Integral personality development / individual coaching
  • Development and implementation of tailor-made leadership trainings
  • Moderation of large groups
  • Intuitive business analysis / Intuition training

Thomas Strauß is managing partner of the economic research and consulting institute imu augsburg GmbH & Co KG and part-time freelance lecturer at the University of Augsburg. His accompanies people, groups and organisations in their development. His daily work, the development of competences in organisations, is based on the organisational development approach Innovation-Coaching according to imu augsburg, which he helped to develop as well as transparent communication and integral and evolutionary management approaches. He has many years of experience in training managers, consultants and coaches (in-house or in further education institutions such as the Centre for Further Education and Knowledge Transfer (ZWW) at the University of Augsburg). Thomas Strauß is the developer of the leadership trainings “Innovations-Coaching” and “WE TRANSFORM – Integral Leadership Training”.

With great enthusiasm Thomas Strauß researches the topics “Intuitive Business Analysis” and “Collective Organizational Shadow Dynamics”.

Contact Thomas Strauß:

Mobile: +49 (0) 173 6522795