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Monika Luger

Monika Luger

Dipl. Wirtsch.Ing. (FH), Partner, Consultant, Trainer, Coach

Professional Focus:

  • Development of Integral Competence Models
  • Agile methods of organizational development
  • Competence development being Female in business
  • Team development
  • Implementation of BMBF research projects
  • Communication and conflict in everydays business
  • Meaningful organisational development and sustainability
  • Reflection competence and appraisal interviews
  • Large group moderation

Monika Luger has been a shareholder of imu augsburg GmbH & Co. KG SINCE 2003. In addition to her work as a coach and trainer in predominantly manufacturing companies, she has been working in projects in the context of Innovation-Research-Production grant-aided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research since 2011. The projects focus on the systematic development of the innovation and reflection competence of managers and employees. In addition to technical know-how, the innovation and employee-friendly culture of a company is existential. The combination of Digital Change/Industry 4.0/Work 4.0 and the development competence of managers and employees in companies is a further specialization and the projects systematically expand the imu methodological know-how. Monika Luger creates the space for clarity with her presence. Authenticity and transparency are the key to successful cooperation. A special concern is to really understand where a certain thinking and behaviour comes from. Showing the supposed “non-perfection” and mutual understanding is the greatest potential for development for all involved. The ability to make knowledge and competences transparent and to combine them in the organisation in an intelligent and human-oriented way is her concern. Special attention is paid to the promotion of young women in their studies and careers.

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