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Harald Schmidt

Harald Schmidt

Dipl.Psych., MBA, consultant, trainer, coach, network partner imu augsburg

Professional Focus:

  • Integral organizational development
  • Team and cultural development
  • Innovation coaching / development of target images
  • Integral personality development / individual coaching
  • Development and implementation of leadership trainings
  • Introduction of integral employee appraisals
  • Large group moderation
  • Management Diagnostics
  • KATA Coaching
  • Analysis and development of individual and collective values

Harald Schmidt has been working for 10 years as a business psychologist in the fields of organizational and cultural development, leadership training and management diagnostics. In his work, the combination of personality and cultural development is particularly close to his heart in order to support sustainable change processes in companies.

In addition to his consulting experience for internationally active industrial companies, he has also worked as a business psychologist for Deutsche Lufthansa AG, i.a.. Before becoming a consultant and trainer, he was able to gain business experience as a manager in the media and marketing sector and as managing director of a trade organisation in the UK over a period of 10 years. Within the framework of the MBA program with focus on “Systemic Organizational Development” (ZWW, University of Augsburg), he was able to deepen his consulting experience. Since 2012, he has been a partner of imu-Augsburg, supporting organizational development projects. In his current work he integrates the psychological view of the individual with an integral view of the company and works on and with the interaction between the individual and the organization. He is also a certified consultant of the Richard Barrett Value Center and uses the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) for the analysis and development of values in companies.

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