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Gabriele Schwarz

Graduate ecotrophologist, consultant, trainer, coach, development partner, network partner imu augsburg, network partner consulting group Neuwaldegg

Professional Focus:

  • Integral organizational and cultural development
  • Design and support of transformation processes
  • Management Development
  • Integral team development and conflict resolution
  • Moderation of workshops and team meetings
  • Integral personality development and individual coaching
  • Systemic organizational constellation

Gabriele Schwarz has been designing personal and systemic development processes with competence and intuition with people in teams and organisations, nationally and internationally, for over 16 years. As a coach she captures facts in their complexity and depth with presence and acumen and brings them to the point with simplicity. Her work is characterized by honesty, perseverance and subtlety and is at the same time inspiration, catalyst, motivator and a clear mirror for dynamics and patterns that stand in the way of a lively development. As a companion at her side, she combines a variety of perspectives with deep humanity, thus creating a space of trust and possibility from which a fresh view emerges, one’s own “responsibility” grows, creativity unfolds and the courage for “otherness” and self-management is released – a transformation into a culture that combines high productivity, innovation and humanity. To achieve this, she uses an integral mindset, systemic methods and the experience gained in her leadership responsibility, a well-founded wealth of experience for tailor-made processes and pragmatic implementation.

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