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Eva Kammerer-Kirch

Eva Kammerer-Kirch

Graduate economist, consultant, trainer, coach, network partner imu augsburg

Professional Focus:

  • Integral Organizational Development / Change and Transformation
  • Team development / Culture and values
  • Innovation-Coaching
  • Personal development / individual coaching
  • Communication training
  • Implementation of leadership trainings
  • Being Female in business

Eva Kammerer-Kirch has been an independent partner of imu augsburg GmbH und Co. KG for over 20 years, since July 2017 as a freelance partner of imu and as a lecturer at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. She played a decisive role in establishing the Association for Environmental Management and Sustainability in Financial Institutions. (VfU e.V.), whose members today include major banks and insurance companies from German-speaking countries. In organisational and personal development, she works mainly on the basis of innovation coaching according to the Augsburg School, an integral development approach. Impulses from various additional training courses in systemic constellation work, deep systems healing work, value-based coaching and transparent communication are incorporated into her work. Due to her many years of experience as a trainer and coach in companies, she succeeds in quickly and effectively picking up her clients where they are currently located. Her deep understanding of the individuality of people and organisations and a conscious perception of inner attitudes, patterns and emotions are crucial for this. She sees esteem, herself and towards others, as the basis for sustainable personal, cultural and structural development.

Currently, a project in which a protected development space for women is being created is very close to her heart. Pressing a creative reset button, realigning oneself in order to bring male and female into harmony in service for new social developments.

Kontakt Eva Kammerer-Kirch:

E-Mail: kammerer@i-m-u.de