Integral organizational development “intensive” (Workshop, 2 days)

Date 22. &23. October 2020
Where imu augsburg, Siebenbrunner Str. 22, 86179 Augsburg
Trainer Dr. Markus Strobel
Contact +49 821 / 343 66 20
Target Group

CEOs, managers, members of personnel and organizational development and trainer/ consultants


Using the integral way to make organizations fit for the future

“culture eats strategy for breakfast” (​ Peter Drucker)

In an constantly changing VUCA-World (volatile,uncertain,complexity,ambiguity) the question how organizations can be sustainable and keep evolving becomes more pressing than ever. With the integral theory a evolutionary approach has evolved over the past year. This goes beyond mechanistic, human-centered and systemic approaches of organizational development and contains a wide variety of answers to the challenges of globalization, digitalization and individualisation.

The integral perspective assumes that organizations develop in stages in following areas: processes/structure, competencies, mindset/attitude and culture. The secret of successful implementation of change lies in a balanced and synchronized development of all four areas. Any form of unbalanced development though will lead to an enormous loss of efficacy.

Especially for latest approaches of organizational development like Theory U (O. Scharmer), Reinventing organizations (F.LaLoux), collegial leadership (B. Oesterreicher) or agile approaches the integral perspective offers a fitting framework of organizations. With the integral theory those approaches are not only more easily accessible but also their implementation can be designed more accurate.

In the end only you can decide which organizational and decision making paradigm, which forms of teamwork, leadership approaches, forms of collaborations, values and competencies are necessary to be sustainable. The integral model gives you a decision-making basis and a map for successful implementation. Goals of this training are to develop an understanding what it means to view organizations with the integral perspective and how organizations can be created in a new way and improved permanently.

In this two day “intensive” Training participants learn about the meaning of the integral model for sustainable transformation in organizations. They get valuable insights into the modell and how organizations are “made fit for the future” with it. Underlying concepts and new forms of organizations will be explained by using first hand insights of practical examples (KUKA, Brose, Weleda, WBS, BKW, etc.). This way you will have concrete tools for entrepreneurial praxis.


“For me the integral organizational development by imu augsburg goes far beyond the human-centered approach and the systemic one. This form of evolutionary perspective is to me the future of developmental processes. “

Joachim Hoffmann – Head of personnel development, Change management consulting BMW


in  2020

22. / 23. Oktober 2020 (german, 2 full days in Augsburg )

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850€ plus VAT fee (16%)
Furthermore there is a 50€ plus VAT fee (16%)/ per day for hospitality.