Integral Competence Model2020-06-24T17:27:58+02:00
imu KASO

Integral Competence Model

On the basis of the 4 quadrant model and the development lines of Ken Wilber as well as the value levels Spiral Dynamics (developed by Graves/Beck) we developed the first integral analysis and development tool in the organizational context in 2013. In doing so, the many years of experience gained from our work in organisations have been incorporated.

The model enables users to use a common language to describe complexity, which in turn serves as a basis for the integral development of organizations.

On the one hand, the integral competence model can be used as an analysis and development tool, on the other hand, it can be used to design an integral vision of the future, derived from the deeper meaning in companies. We know that this is “only” a model, but that its depth and visual presentation provides a precise basis for the most important step, the individual and collective competence development for a sustainable company.

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